About Us

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To collaborate with youth and employers to create a meaningful paid employment opportunity that enhances youth job skills.

YouthWorks, originally called Blue Chip, changed its name in 1987. The program originally began in 1973 and is now over 50!

YouthWorks is a program within the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, Youth Services Division. We provide a 5-week job opportunity to thousands of Baltimore City young people between the ages of 14 to 21.

YouthWorks employers fit into two sections, Host Employers and Hire Employers. Host Employers are made up of nonprofits, government agencies, emerging businesses (1-5 Employees), etc. Hire Employers mainly consist of medium-large businesses that pay out of pocket.

The Road to YouthWorks 2024

The roadmaps below provide important dates for the YouthWorks process.

Youth Applicants: The Road to YouthWorks 2024

Worksites: The Road to YouthWorks 2024

Special Projects

Year-Round YouthWorks

The Year-Round YouthWorks is an initiative that grants ~200 youth to continue working with their summer employer during Fall and Spring. The first year of YouthWorks Year-Round launched in Fall 2023.
This opportunity allows Baltimore City juniors & seniors to work during the school year, gain sustained exposure to areas of career interest, have increased opportunities to develop these critical skills, and earn a steady paycheck.
Spring Internship Dates: January 22 - March 29, 2024

Year-Round Important Dates to Apply for Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 (Worksites)

  • May 3: Year-Round Interest Form Opens
  • June 21: Year-Round Interest Form Closes
  • June 28: Year-Round Info Session
  • July 12: Notification of Eligibility for Participation for the Fall Session 2024

The third year of YouthWorks Academy begins in spring 2024!

The YouthWorks Academy Program is a 13-week career-readiness opportunity for youth participants between the age of 16-19.
This is a paid virtual position during the spring. It is a professional development opportunity for about 100 participants, preparing them for their summer job and future career.

YouthWorks Advisory Council (YAC)

The Youth Advisory Council is a spring and summer career-readiness/work opportunity for about 10 youth that work directly at the YouthWorks office.
Leading up to the summer YAC members work on career plans, develop professional communication skills, and expand their presentation skills. During the summer they lead weekly livestream sessions on financial literacy, career exploration, and a variety of other topics.

Partnerships/professional development

Financial Development: CASH Campaign of Maryland (CASH MD) provided a two-week training for YAC on financial wellness topics. Bank of America led a session on money management and financial safety.
HeartSmiles partnered with YAC on survey development.
Health-based sessions, led by National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) & UChoose

YAC Summer Activities

Youth Advisory Council employees lead weekly livestream sessions during the summer. These sessions focus on financial literacy, career exploration, and a variety of other topics.

YouthWorks Core Council

Youth are selected to work closely with Baltimore City councilmembers as they gain a behind the scenes look into local government functionality. These youth come into the program with a desire to work in government/public service.